ARCNH offers a peer-to peer-based approach of providing resources for recovery from substance use disorder (SUD).


Addiction Recovery Coalition of New Hampshire is a Community Recovery Center (ARCNH CRC) in Milford, NH. ARCNH was founded in 2015 by a group of concerned citizens, most of whom struggled with SUD and overcame their illness through the power of a spiritual awakening. Knowing this was the key to their recovery, they founded a recovery program based on faith and responsibility. This program was implemented in 2016 at ARCNH’s first initiative, a men’s recovery residence in Hancock, NH. Through this initiative, ARCNH recognized the opportunity to provide recovery support on a larger community scale, and thus the ARCNH recovery residence transformed into the ARCNH CRC in Milford, NH. ARCNH CRC provides access to all pathways to recovery including both secular and faith based pathways.


ARCNH is a Community Recovery Center that treats Substance Use Disorder (SUD) at a community level by providing a central location for access to local support systems. Our personal experiences with SUD drive our passion and urgency in addressing this epidemic using a peer-to-peer based approach. With so many pathways to recovery available, we guide individuals in finding the pathway that feels most aligned with their values and needs.


ARCNH CRC understands the challenges of beginning and maintaining a journey through recovery from SUD. We strive to lessen that challenge by making information and treatment more accessible to the community. By establishing connections with resources within the community, providing in-house coaching and life-skills services, and offering a location for various recovery events and groups to host their programs, we envision an empowered community that heals from SUD together.


The ARCNH Community Recovery Center is located in Milford, NH. Our services are available to New Hampshire residents within the Souhegan Valley Region. Towns in Souhegan Valley are: Milford, Wilton, Amherst, Hollis, Brookline, Mont Vernon, Greenville, New Ipswich, Temple, Lyndeborough, Mason


The ARCNH Board of Directors oversees ARCNH operations and ensures the organization stays true to its’ mission, vision and values.
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In order to provide an expansive range of services and opportunities, ARCNH CRC partners with other local resources creating a community recovery network.