Addiction Recovery Coalition is an addiction recovery network. We partner with business and community organizations to develop innovative recovery solutions for those struggling with addictive behaviors.

We provide addiction recovery programs, dedicated to people who have gone through an addiction treatment process and now need a structured environment to solidify their new lifestyles. ARC is also a treatment resource center for friends and families and a volunteer base for those willing to join the fight against addiction.

We are unique because we not only give treated alcoholics and drug addicts the support and structure they need but we also give them the opportunity to fund their own recovery by working on the sober housing property and farm.


Residential housing for alcoholics and drug addicts who have already completed a treatment phase and are now looking for a recovery program.
Work opportunities for residents to pay their way through their recovery program.
Additional wellness programs for graduates of a recovery program who still want help maintaining their structured lifestyles.
Online resources and in-person counseling for friends and families who need assistance with a loved one struggling with an addiction.