The Addiction Recovery Coalition of New Hampshire is Selected by Harbor Care to Become a Member of NH’s Statewide Peer Recovery System

Recovery Services to the Souhegan Valley will Expand

May 07, 2021

ARCNH was recently selected to join 15 other Recovery Community Organizations (RCO’s) as a contracted member of the New Hampshire Statewide Peer Recovery System facilitated by Harbor Care. This exciting new partnership will provide ARCNH with significant resources to accelerate the ongoing development of our Recovery Coaching Program. ARCNH’s Recovery Coaching Program unites individuals on the path to recovery from a Substance Use Disorder (SUD) with Coaches who have first hand experience with SUD. Recovery Coaches empower individuals to develop their own definition of recovery and create a plan of action towards recovery. ARCNH will be seeking a Peer Support Program Manager who will bring significant expertise to ARCNH and begin recruiting additional Recovery Coaches to support the Souhegan Valley community. Recovery Coaching Programs have been found to be tremendously beneficial to their participants. The rapid expansion of this program at ARCNH will enable us to quickly serve more members of our community, and ultimately save lives. 

ARCNH was founded in 2015, and originally served as a recovery residence located in Hancock, NH. In an effort to support the community at a greater scale, ARCNH relocated to Milford, NH in May 2020 and re-opened as a Community Recovery Center. Board of Directors President, Bradford Volz, invited Laurie Scorzelli to join ARCNH in August 2020. As the Executive Director she has developed many of the processes and policies that have positioned ARCNH for the partnership with Harbor Care. Her marketing efforts in the last 9 months have significantly increased our visibility and impact within the community. Laurie has been working closely with two dedicated volunteers who have been instrumental in the development of the recovery coach program manual. Laurie and Bradford have worked diligently to develop community partnerships in the past year. Community Action for Safe Teens (CAST), SHARE Outreach, Souhegan Valley Outreach Team (SVOT) and the local police departments are just a few of the organizations we are excited to have collaborated with. Among our strongest partnerships are the connections we have made with several other RCO’s in the state. We have worked with Reality Check in Jaffrey, Revive Recovery Resource Center in Nashua, Hope for NH Recovery in Manchester, SOS Recovery in Dover, The Greater Tilton Area Family Resource Center in Tilton, and Gates Recovery Center in New Ipswich. While these Recovery Centers have been busy providing incredible services to their communities they have also made time to support us immensely in our development. 

This partnership with Harbor Care will allow us to continue down the path of providing effective and compassionate recovery services to the Souhegan Valley. Harbor Care is an innovative network of nonprofit community organizations helping individuals and families of New Hampshire find solutions to many of life’s most challenging issues. As such a strong organization, Harbor Care offers tremendous resources that will now be at ARCNH’s disposal such as staff development, program accreditation, administrative support and advertising. 

ARCNH is excited to announce this new partnership with Harbor Care. By becoming a member of the Statewide Peer Recovery System we will be able to expand upon the Recovery services we already provide and grow our Center. We are grateful to have been selected as an RCO to join this network in 2021 so that we may continue to increase access to addiction recovery services and save lives.


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