The Norwin S. & Elizabeth N. Bean Foundation is a charitable organization that awards grants in the fields of arts and humanities, education, environment, health, human services and public benefit. Grants are awarded to deserving applicants that have a well-planned approach to address a significant problem in the communities of Amherst, Manchester and the surrounding towns.  The Addiction Recovery Coalition of New Hampshire (ARCNH) is a Community Recovery Center (CRC) in Milford, NH that seeks to help individuals with Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) in the Souhegan Valley find the path to recovery that works for them. ARCNH opened the CRC in Milford in early 2020 and has been growing exponentially ever since. The award of this grant to ARCNH by The Norwin S. & Elizabeth N. Bean Foundation means ARCNH will be able to continue to grow and provide much needed recovery services to the residents of the Souhegan Valley.


This award will be used to develop and expand the Peer-to-Peer Recovery Coaching Program. The Recovery Coaching Program at ARCNH unites individuals on the path to recovery from SUDs with Coaches who have first hand experience. Recovery Coaches empower individuals to develop their own definition of recovery and create a plan of action towards recovery. 


Half of the grant funds will be used to fund the salary of the newly onboarded Peer Recovery Coach Program Manager, Jonathan Egan. Jon identifies as a person in recovery, he is a Certified Recovery Support Worker and an individual with many years of experience working in the field of recovery. Jon has worked as a referral specialist, as recovery support staff, and as a case manager throughout his career in the recovery field. Jon brings significant knowledge, experience, ambition, energy and a giving spirit to the ARCNH team. The remainder of the grant funds will be spent on Recovery Coach Program costs such as materials, software, education, transportation, promotion, and clinical supervision. 


ARCNH is grateful and excited to be recognized by the Norwin S. & Elizabeth N. Bean Foundation as a deserving recipient of this grant. The growth made possible by this grant will allow ARCNH to continue to expand much needed SUD recovery services to the Souhegan Valley. 


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