How your donation helps

Your donations to ARCNH are spent directly on the operations of our facility and help us to expand the amount of services we can offer to the community. Here are some examples of how your dollars may be put to use:

  1. SUD recovery program development
  2. Veteran program development
  3. Education for our service providers
  4. Program scholarships for individuals in recovery


Dear Valued Donor,

Amidst the pandemic, opioid-related deaths have begun to increase at an alarming rate. The New Hampshire Drug Monitoring Initiative last reported in July an increase of 45% in overdose deaths compared to 2019, an upward trend than began in March. Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a chronic illness that, much like other chronic illnesses, requires personalized long-term treatment to keep in remission. Far too often those with SUD are provided a one-size fits all, short-term treatment plan creating a high probability of relapse.

As a veteran and person in long-term recovery, I am leading the Addiction Recovery Coalition of New Hampshire (ARCNH) to serve on a personal and customized level those affected by SUD. Our Community Recovery Center in Milford, NH is designed to connect individuals with the appropriate resources and level of care that best align with their present needs. As the President of this non-profit organization, I am reaching out to you today in hope of gaining support from you as a member of our community. 

ARCNH was founded by a group of concerned NH citizens in 2015. Originally, ARCNH supported those in recovery from SUD in the form of a recovery residence that operated from 2015-2019. In order to expand services offered, The ARCNH Community Recovery Center opened in May 2020. The CRC offers peer support services, group programming, veteran support and a rich network of partner resources to support the entire ecology of an individual’s recovery. 

Without a personalized approach to treatment placement and development of a continued care plan, the risk of SUD relapse after detox high. ARCNH is committed to thorough assessment, appropriate placement and continued wellness coaching to help reduce the need for individuals to detox multiple times. On average it costs ARCNH $500 to complete an assessment, make a treatment placement recommendation, and provide one year of continued wellness coaching. We offer these services to our community at no cost. Generous business owners and members of the community like yourself are the heart of our organization that make fulfilling our mission possible.

Please consider making a $500 donation today to support one year of care for an individual in recovery from SUD. As social isolation is a major catalyst for excessive substance use and SUD relapse, it is now more important than ever to help keep individuals with SUD connected to their recovery community. Your donation of $500 will ensure individuals struggling with this illness receive the level care they deserve. 

Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions. I would be happy to speak with you at length about our organization. Thank you for your support.

Warm regards, 

Bradford Volz, President
Addiction Recovery Coalition of New Hampshire
(413) 752-7263


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ARCNH contributors are local businesses that provide supporting donations of $500 or more to ARCNH each year. Contributors ensure that we are able to continually provide an expansive range of services to the community we share. All ARCNH contributors are featured on the homepage of the ARCNH website, and top contributors are featured on other materials such as email campaigns, flyers and banners.




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