Position type: Volunteer

Time commitment: 8 hours per week

Reports to: Director of Operations

The ARCNH Fundraising Coordinator develops and implements strategies to achieve ARCNH fundraising goals. The Fundraising Coordinator is motivated to become the organization’s “fundraising expert” and provides directives to management when marketing efforts and operations need to be adjusted in order to support fundraising goals. Fundraisers may include events (virtual or in-person), raffles, in-person/phone solicitation, social media campaigns, etc.


  • Competent self-starter
  • Confident in remote working environments (this position is available completely or partially remote, with the option to return to full in-person later this year)
  • Comfortable speaking on the phone and in-person to prospective donors
  • Familiar with Google applications (Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc)
  • Motivated to become the organization’s fundraising expert through self-directed learning
  • Available 8 hours per week, with 2 of those hours between M-F 9am-5pm


  • Engage in fundraising webinars regularly
  • Receive newsletters and regularly read educational content published by fundraising organizations
  • Participate in networking events, such as GMSVCC events, whenever possible
  • Assist with the development of a qualified leads list for potential contributors
  • Connect with (in person or over the phone) local business owners to solicit contributions
  • Develop and implement strategies for crowdfunding campaigns
  • Provide direction for the development of marketing materials to support fundraising efforts
  • Propose and plan fundraising events
  • Maintain knowledge of community organizations, businesses and events
  • Identify opportunities for ARCNH participation in community organization events
  • Recruit volunteers to support event/campaign development and execution when necessary
  • Actively promote events/campaigns through personal social media accounts


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