ARCNH is a proud partner of the community fundraising organization NeighborShare. NeighborShare works with nonprofit organizations across the United States to identify families in need of financial support and connect them with donors to meet their needs. 


How Our Partnership Works

ARCNH identifies a family or individual in need in the community. During the application process, ARCNH reviews the participant’s request and ensures that it meets the qualifying criteria. After application approval, ARCNH nominates the participant by creating a profile of need for the family or individual on NeighborShare’s website. The profile of need provides minimal identifying information about the participant- just enough to help donors understand the impact their donation will have. Once the profile is posted, NeighborShare starts fundraising on that profile’s behalf. The funds raised are dispensed to ARCNH, who then use the funds to cover the cost of the emergency expense.



Our partnership with NeighborShare guarantees us the ability to help one individual raise up to $400 within 14 days each month. Additional funds, in excess of $400 may be available but cannot be guaranteed. Likewise funds may be available for more than one individual per month but only one fundraiser can be guaranteed. 

We recognize that at times 14 days is too long to wait and $400 isn’t going to meet your needs. As such, if your financial need exceeds this level, please get in touch with us to discuss alternative financial solutions.


Do You Qualify For This Program?


ARCNH partners with NeighborShare to provide one-time emergency financial support to those in recovery from Substance Use Disorder. Those not in recovery from SUD should seek out other organizations partnered with NeighborShare. Additionally, ARCNH requires a minimum of 30 days of continuous recovery to be eligible for this program.




This program is currently only available to applicants residing or homeless in the following New Hampshire towns: Milford, Amherst, Wilton, Temple, Lyndeborough, Greenville, New Ipswich, Mason, Mont Vernon, Hollis, Brookline.  If you are not located in one of these towns, please seek out another organization partnered with NeighborShare.




This program provides one-time financial support for emergent expenses up to $400. If your financial need exceeds $400, please speak with an ARCNH representative about alternative financial assistance programs.




ARCNH’s application process requires applicants to complete a recovery health assessment with an ARCNH Recovery Coach to learn more about the recovery of those applying for this program.  Additionally, ARCNH asks those awarded financial support through this program to participate in TRS weekly, for a minimum of 4 weeks. TRS includes a follow up on the financial need, brief assessment of wellness, the opportunity to obtain referrals for other services, and updates on upcoming events at ARCNH. More comprehensive recovery coaching services are also available at no charge. 



What’s Unique about NeighborShare

When an individual’s financial need is posted on NeighborShare, NeighborShare does the rest of the work. Unlike some other community fundraising platforms, the individual/family in need doesn’t have to do any promotion themselves of their need or their cost. When you request support via NeighborShare, you can stay focused on the important matters at hand and let NeighborShare take the wheel in regards to raising funds.

As a NeighborShare donor, you select the family you’re supporting. You know what they are in need of and a little bit about what they’re going through. Like this:


You can feel confident that the money you’re donating is going directly to the individual in need. The only money taken out of your donation is a 3.9% surcharge from Stripe, the program that handles the cash flow for NeighborShare. In the event that more money is raised than is needed, the surplus goes to the original nonprofit organization that nominated the person and they choose a similar person in need to donate the funds to. None of your donation ever goes towards the operating costs of NeighborShare or the nominating nonprofit. All donations directly benefit a person in need. 


How to Donate

When you visit nbshare.org you can immediately navigate to Meet Households. On this page you can peruse summaries of the households currently seeking funds through NeighborShare. Once you pick a household you learn a little more about them. For instance, if you viewed Kayla on the Meet Households page this is what you would know:

Once you navigate to Kayla’s page you learn a little more:

You’ll see donation options in Kayla’s profile. For example, you can fund her entire request of $400, which will cover school uniforms, shoes, groceries and miscellaneous bills, or you could choose just to fund her groceries. Donations can start at as little as $10 and no one household’s requests can ever exceed $400. 


How to Apply through ARCNH

If you or someone you know is in need of one-time emergency financial assistance apply here. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible and get the ball rolling to help get you the resources you need!



If you would like to donate to a household in need visit nbshare.org

If you would like more information reach out to us at (603)554-8142 or at recover@arcnh.org.

If you or someone you know is in need of Substance Use Disorder Recovery services contact us now.




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