Residential Program

the most important decision of your life…

Are you ready?

The decision to set aside the next several months to a year – possibly even longer – to give yourself time to recover from addiction is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

If you are truly serious about changing your life, our addiction recovery program is a great opportunity for you!


Request our fully detailed program packet. It includes all the information on this page and more! Official program application also included.

Program Details

The ARC Recovery Residences utilize the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as their core recovery metric. We encourage sponsorship and the building of relationships to local Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Addiction Recovery groups. We believe wholeheartedly that your primary goal at ARC Recovery Residences is to build a foundation for lifetime recovery through the 12 steps.

Recovery is rarely achieved or sustained in isolation. We believe that lifetime recovery can only be sustained by the building of a personal recovery support community. Therefore, sponsorship, home groups, local church affiliations, and the building of other relevant support networks are the goal of your stay at ARC Recovery Residences.

We currently accept men who are 18 years of age or older that have a desire to recover from addiction.

They must also be determined to do the work necessary to better themselves through the principles found in the 12 steps.

At ARC of NH we are concerned with the “total person”. The Recovery Residential experience is structured around each person’s spiritual, mental, physical, social and educational needs.

  • Guidance (individual and group)
  • Personalized 12 Step mentoring
  • Opportunities to grow spiritually
  • Discipline
  • Recreation
  • Work therapy
  • Community living
  • Managing finances
  • GED and education opportunities
  • Resume writing
  • Re-entry goals and progress


MENTALLY: The rebuilding of the mind is of key importance.  The consistent study and practice of AA’s 12 steps provide the tools to enhance the process of restructuring unhealthy and broken thought patterns.  We believe the 12 step process, when thoroughly tried, can create new and more stable ideas and principles to live by.

PHYSICALLY: ARC Recovery Residences provide an environment that not only includes shelter, food, and your basic needs, but we also believe in the importance of meaningful work, rest, and recreation.  As residents begin to function in a drug free environment, physical health and an ability to relax and enjoy simple things usually begins to improve greatly.

SOCIALLY: Through the benefits of a group living situation, Residents experience close relationships as well as learn healthy means of conflict management thus helping residents to more successfully relate to family, peers and authority in the future.

SPIRITUALLY:  ARC Recovery Residences recognize addiction is only a symptom of underlying problems, hurts and even lifelong conflicts.  Zeroing in on your true spiritual need for God is where true healing begins.  A life sustaining Faith releases the changing power that provides the ability to cope with problems and makes possible a productive, effective and contented life.

The length of your stay is determined on an individual basis. We require a minimum of a 90 day commitment, but residents may stay with us a year or longer.

Length of stay is determined by your willingness to work on your recovery, compliance with house rules and polices, and your progress towards self-sufficiency and re-entry goals.

While you are always free to leave an ARC home, it is our desire to provide opportunity for each resident to take the time needed to thoroughly heal and change addiction related behavior and thinking.

ARC of NH is a privately funded non-profit, dedicated to helping people caught up in addiction to find freedom from substance abuse as well as the emotional and spiritual brokenness associated with it. ARC of NH is an entity of its own, governed by a local Board of Directors. It is not underwritten by any organization or agency.

ARC of NH’s primary goal is to offer residents a drug free recovery structured environment. The approximate cost to house each resident is $250 per week.

You will be required to:

  • Pay a $500 room deposit fee. Room deposit fee will be applied to reduce your last month’s rent.
  • Bring $30 to be used for emergencies.
  • The cost to reside at ARC Recovery Residences is $250 per week. You are responsible to cover as much of the deposit as you can. Any money you earn will be used to pay for your room, board, training, and other expenses first.
  • Complete and sign ALL ARC application and all enclosed forms.
  • Medical tests: TB skin test, physical, HIV, RPR, Hepatitis panel, venereal diseases, and physical.  Results must be in writing.  Results acceptable within 90 days.
  • Mail, email (email is non-secure) your application, medical test results, and other forms to ARCNH at 53 Elmwood Road, Hancock NH, 03349 or to


The following items are a MUST! Do not arrive without them!

– Social Security card

– Picture ID

– Return Bus Fare: A check or money order to equal the amount of return bus or plane fare to your home town.  This will be used if you decide to leave the program or are dismissed.

– All legal papers that you are presently working with.

– See the list of “Personal Items to Bring”

MEDICAL: ARC of NH does not provide medical care for residents.  All current medical conditions must be addressed prior to being accepted as a resident.  If you require regular medical attention while living at the residence, you must provide your own insurance or be willing to seek attention at the local health clinic for indigent care.

Special Note: Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol without medication is dangerous and we highly recommend that you go through a detoxification center before applying for residency.


LEGAL:  All legal situations past and present must be made known to the staff prior to acceptance.  You will not be considered for entry if you have outstanding warrants.  We reserve the right to disqualify for entry residents with pending hearings or trials that may result in incarceration.  We also reserve the right to disqualify for entry residents with probation or other legal obligations deemed to conflict with house recovery requirements.

Special Note: You will need to sign a release giving arc of NH permission to run a criminal background check.  Non-compliance with application steps or deceptive information constitutes grounds for denial of application.


Feel free to reach out with any questions and our experienced staff will be able to help you!