Wellness Programs

Family Integrity Training

150 hours of intense life-skills lessons

emphasizing responsible decision-making.

Over the years of dealing with its clients, FIT has discovered that the life-skills needs of people are complex and multifaceted. This has been backed up by evidence-based studies that show that things like social context and personal reasoning also have to be addressed. Just giving clients reading materials and reciting facts is not enough. It is much easier to recite facts than it is to think things through and come up with good solutions to the daily problems of life.

A distinctive feature of FIT is its focus on many key areas of life-skill need. It is not just about addiction, or anger, or parenting skills, or finances, or relationships. It is about all of these things and addresses the needs of people wherever they may be. The program has been effectively used for years in prisons, jails, recovery homes, community centers, churches, and schools.

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Area 1 - Parenting

Practical Parenting is a simple and effective guide to parenting in all kinds of situations. It provides a solid biblical and factual basis for enabling the small group to identify and come up with solutions and applications. The course has been used for years by courts and government agencies for clients who elect to have a faith-based approach. It accomplishes two goals at the same time: it teaches Christian values and corrects many of the problems that parents face in society.

Area 2 - Personal Integrity

The Insight course is one of our most emotional and spiritually-intense courses and offers great potential for fast and meaningful growth. It is based on the assumption that all of us have to deal with addictions of some type (substances, behavioral, or relationships) and that the answer lies in turning to God and removing the hindrances that keep us from doing so. Lessons show how people are pulled into destructive behaviors and the process of avoiding and getting out of them.

Area 3 - Decision Making

Change of Heart focuses on changing behavior from destructive patterns to constructive ones. A conscious choice to change is the starting point which has to be followed up by personal application. Though many people have good intentions and can quote scriptures, they need help in thinking through as to how it affects personal life. This book is filled with realistic scenarios, discussion questions, and easy-to- understand text. It demonstrates how Christian character should develop and what it should look like.

Free to Grow covers several areas in real life describing where we need to “grow up”, both socially and spiritually. We do this by eliminating the hindrances of life that hold us back. The 12-session format allows a sufficient time period for participants to get to know you and open up and share in lesson material. Covers “unmasked faces”, forgiveness, boundaries, childishness, and freedom. 

Area 4 - Anger Management

The Anger Dynamics book addresses personal anger in a gentle and progressive way. It starts with dealing with personal anger and ends with helping others and becoming a peacemaker. Group members learn to solve their own problems through numerous discussion exercises. They learn to share and benefit from the experiences and thoughts of their peers. They discover that their situations are not unique, that anger is complex, and find much better ways of handling difficult situations.

Area 5 - Relationships

The Dating and Marriage course directly addresses the issues of troubled and broken relationships and is especially pertinent for adults who grew up as orphans or came from dysfunctional families. Effective with couples from all different kinds of backgrounds, it provides both practical and spiritual guidance. This course is especially relevant for current society where Christian values are often overlooked or dismissed.

Coping with the Losses of Life involves handling losses of any type. Loss includes relationships, job, home, freedom, health, addiction, or death. Group members realistically come to terms with their own disappointments and losses, often for the first time. They see how easy it is to get stuck when issues are not properly dealt with in a healthy way and learn the steps of recovery. Thoroughly field-tested, numerous class worksheets are provided for maximum discussion and application.

Area 6 - Economics

Financial Success from Scratch was specially written for the needs of persons who need to start over financially. Habits of indebtedness and poor money and work management lead to destructive patterns that are hard to break and overcome. Spiritual and social responsibilities are also highlighted. Worksheets include a personal debt summary and a practice budget. Part 1 deals with managing money and Part 2 with making money.