Who is this course for? This course is beneficial for anyone who regularly interacts with people with substance use disorder. This includes not only people pursuing clinical addiction/mental health licensure but also community members such as first responders, clergy members, teachers, healthcare providers, holistic health providers, fitness instructors, human resource directors and more.

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30 CEU. Covers domains 1,2,3, and 4 (contains 2 hours of Ethics). Category of Competence 1, 4-8,10-15. This course provides 30 of the 46 hours of required education for the CRSW license. 


A Certified Recovery Support Worker (CRSW) is an individual who has gone through substantial training to become certified to provide recovery support to persons with substance use disorder. The CRSW’s scope of practice includes screening for substance use disorders, monitoring client health and safety, and providing practical, non-intensive supports and education.

Complete the RCA above, in addition to the 3 courses below, to satisfy the educational requirements of the NH CRSW license.
Continue reading below for more information about the requirements for CRSW licensure in addition to educational requirements.


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CRSW Education Requirements

To become a CRSW in NH an individual must meet several requirements. All of these can be found at in the ALC-300 . Here we have outlined the educational requirements for CRSW licensure. This is not a comprehensive list of all requirements as it only covers the educational component.


At ARCNH we recommend meeting the state’s requirements by participating in the following courses; a 30 hour RCA course, a 12 hour ethical considerations for recovery coaches course, the 6 hour suicide prevention course, 6 hour HIV/AIDs course, and a 6 hour motivational interviewing course. The completion of these courses will exceed state minimums but at ARCNH we believe all of these courses are important for being prepared to be the most effective Recovery Coach possible. 


The State’s Education requirements as listed in the alc-300 are as follows:

  1. A minimum of 46 hours covering the 4 domain areas( (1)Advocacy; (2) Ethical responsibility; (3) Mentoring and education; and (4) Recovery and wellness support), to include at least:
    1. 16 hours of education in ethics related to substance use counseling
    2. 6 hours of education in suicide prevention
    3. 6 hours of education in HIV and AIDS prevention
  2. The required education shall be provided, sponsored or approved by:
    1. The board or the licensing body of any other state within the IC&RC
    2. NAADC
    3. New Hampshire Training Institute on Addictive Disorders
    4. New Hampshire Center for Excellence
    5. New England Institute of Addiction Studies
    6. NHTI
    7. NHADACA
    8. Any educational unit of the New Hampshire Community College System
    9. Any other public or private agency or institution that is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and that provides training related to any of the topics list in (1) above
  3. At least 50% of the required education described above shall be provided, sponsored or approved by the board or the licensing body of any other state within the IC & RC
  4. No more than 50% of the required education shall be obtained by the applicant through online courses

After completion of all education requirements 500 working hours must be earned under CRSW Supervision. Finally, the IC & RC exam must be completed.

For More Information:

Read more about the State’s CRSW Certification Requirements  here: ALC-300 .

Or Contact us  about pursuing a CRSW at (603)554-8142 or recover@arcnh.org

More CRSW Courses

Choices Addiction and Recovery Training is a certified provider of many recovery education courses including courses that can be used to obtain a CRSW. Visit their site to explore their current offerings.

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The New Hampshire Technical Institute now offers a course that meets all education requirements of the CRSW certification program in an 8 week online course. Visit their site to learn more or sign up!

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The New Hampshire Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors Association provides accredited trainings. Some offerings can go towards CRSW accreditation. Many are designed to provide continuing education opportunities for certified CRSW’s.

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Recovery Coach University (RCU) provides a 30 hour Recovery Coach Academy, an ethical considerations course and many other educational opportunities.

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The field of recovery is constantly evolving as such continuing education is required for CRSW’s to stay up to date with best practices and the most current information. Explore some of the available continuing education opportunities below:

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