Rising Consciousness in The Human Experience

Some many years ago I went through the Dunkin Donuts drive thru to buy a coffee on my way to a job I hated. I worked way too many hours to afford my tiny piece of an American lifestyle that I wasn’t even sure I enjoyed. I waited way too long in a line for a way too overpriced coffee and was running way too late for work that day and to be honest, I was way too unaffected. Subconsciously, I clearly did not care to preserve this job. The monetary system I survived in required me to keep my 2.5 jobs. The me that was a tired woman named Erin dragged my body to and from but the soul I know that lives inside me wanted it all to burn. I ordered my coffee and a banana and began feeling a bit guilty that I couldn’t provide a tip to the cashier because I don’t carry cash. I come here each morning and never offer a tip. As I drove up to the window the woman at the register greeted me with a big beautiful bright smile and she said, “I picked you the best banana we had!” I laughed and returned the big bright smile and said “Of course you did! You’re the best!” The woman became very serious and nervous. I watched her stare down at my receipt in her hands, fiddling and folding it over and over again. After a few seconds she lifted her head and looked me square in the eyes and said “you come here every day and you always treat us so good, like we are important people to you, and I just wanted to say thank you and… and that I love you” I immediately began tearing up. I couldn’t even control it. This woman’s vulnerability nearly leveled me with love that morning and I realized something about humanities truest currency which is energy.

We all know of energy. We use it every day and it’s a big household word. We describe our bodies’ abilities in terms of energy, our cars run on energy, our electricity and our heat. But it doesn’t stop there. Everything in this entire universe requires energy to exist. My hands require energy and as we speak, they are tapping on this keyboard that requires energy to exist. I look to my left out my window and I see the trees that sway in the breeze. This requires energy. Even the thoughts inside my head are also energy. It’s the first currency we will ever know. For the sake of not going too deep down a vastly amazing yet eternal rabbit hole, we will say that in our society, we prefer tangibility, so we have found a way to anchor energy into form and the most valuable form of energy we know of is you guessed it, money. Money has acquired a not so generous reputation as being the root of all evil, but if you care to join me here, I’d like to propose a different view. A view where polarity blends into a new position.

A paradigm of polarity

It’s safe to say that our first conscious understanding of polarity was the north and south pole. One is up and one is down, relatively speaking. We can also say that everything we have ever learned in all our lives had a polarity to it. There is good and evil, like we were touching upon above with the nature of money. There is right and wrong. There is fast and slow. High and low. Big and small. Tall and short. Those are the basics of our understanding of polarity. Then it goes a bit deeper, into our beliefs. Republican or democrat. Rich or poor. Christian or satanist. Flat earth or globe. Homeopath or conventional medicine. Then it goes a little deeper into our consumer polarities. Apple or android. Designer brands or generic. I think we get the gist of it now. The point is that our minds have been trained into a polarized view of opposing energies. We will always recognize one as positive and one as negative. The very moment someone offers us two elements, our mind programs begin searching for which is good and which is bad. Which is right and which is wrong. We immediately and unconsciously want to categorize information into a yes or a no. This is called polarization and it has built more of our society than we even realize and has been the root of many trials and challenges within the human experience. We decided above that money is the most powerful tangible form of energy exchange on our planet and we use it to express polarities of “positive” energy like happiness, care, concern, gratitude and charity, and we use it to express its opposite pole of “negative” energy like hate, greed, lack, lust, power and envy. Our poles pop up here again. So, the big question has always come down to are we using this potent energy amplifier for “good” or are we using it for “bad” since we have only allotted ourselves these two opposing options.

The science of polarity and human consciousness

So, what exactly are the north and south pole? How does it affect our minds and beliefs here on this planet? Let’s break it down in its most simplified explanation. Firstly, what is energy? Atoms make up everything in this universe except energy. Energy is not a thing; it is a capacity. So, we could say that energy is a spectrum of potential that moves atoms. In other words, for the trees (atoms) to blow, they require energy. For the trees to even push through the soil and sprout buds and leaves and branches they require energy. For me to drop a dollar in a donation jar at the cash register it requires energy not only in my hand but also in my emotions. Empathy, gratitude, concern must happen and maybe I don’t feel particularly charitable, but I often feel judged or insecure, so I drop a dollar in out of fear of others judging me. Either way, it required energy to first have the emotion and then to move my hand to put the dollar in. Whether it was a positive or negative emotion, still I donated. So, the exchange in its tangible form was a physical piece of paper. A solid thing. The hand that delivered the dollar to the jar was also a solid thing but the emotion that fueled it was energetic. The capacity that allowed anything to happen in thought or motion was energetic, so you see, money is only a word that describes energy. One word of many. When we break down this green paper that we base our entire existence around it all comes down to its root, bare naked form which is, right…. energy!

With my encounter with the woman at the Dunkin Donuts drive thru I felt sad because I hadn’t been tipping the workers each morning because I only paid with my bank card. So, I was lacking in my physical exchange of emotion, but I did not lack in my energetic exchange. Not once. I always smiled, I was present, I recognized their human life, I looked them in the eyes and my heart’s magnetic field was able to interact with theirs. My energy spoke to them where my lack of money did not. She took no notice that I never tipped because I exchanged currency in its bare form.

The world is changing rapidly as we are all aware of. There are so many changes on earth taking place one of them being the shifting of the magnetic poles. These create the magnetic field or the aura of the earth. The north and south poles are literally switching places as we speak which is allowing solar energy to reach our surface. This impacts the capacity for human consciousness in an immense way. I’m sure we have all been having many ah ha! Moments. It’s global and it is not slowing down. The human taurus field, which is the energy field of every human (aura) also requires these magnetic poles for us to exist. So you could say the human energy field emulates the earth’s magnetic field. If its poles shift then so do ours and, in this shift, it is dissolving a mass state of amnesia on our species. How did humanity fall under such a spell? How have we been so unconscious of all that is happening around us? In later blogs we can go deeper into this but for the sake of this topic we will say that societal programming has shifted our magnetic fields to flow in disharmony. Because of this disharmony, we exist in mental polarity when our true nature is to have the ability to merge these poles rather than jumping from one to the other. We are meant to BE the capacity for things to happen rather than to be the things themselves. We aren’t meant to be republican or democrat we are meant to be the channels of harmony. We aren’t meant to be good or bad we are supposed to be the space that both things can alchemize. We are meant to be able to hold compassion in humility rather than obligation. When we are in a state of humility, we are truly harmonious with our state of being outside of polarity. We are not good or bad. We are not right or wrong. We are not judging in any capacity whatsoever when we are in a state of humility. This will develop more and more as the poles continue to shift and our energy fields continue to flow more harmonically allowing consciousness to emerge. Allowing the unification of the poles as they flow proportionately through our fields rather than hanging on to emotions like sadness and grief and self-condemnation.

We are returning to the consciousness of this intangible currency, and it will soon be clear that it is our saving grace on this planet. Our monetary system will become a mere tool rather than the point of our entire existence. I’ll never forget that woman at the drive thru window that day. Her bravery cracked my awareness wide open in just that one interaction. That one display of love has kept her bravery close to my heart whenever I’m presented with the opportunity to act out of my unconscious auto program or out of my conscious choice to exchange the most powerful currency that every existed, a solid state of unconditional love.

L. Oaks

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