We wanted to take some time to do a deep dive into each of our events so you can better decide if they are a fit for you!

With one exception all events are located at the ARCNH center the address is:

180 Elm Street, Suite E
Milford, NH 03055

The one exception is the Alateen meeting on Thursdays. Directions to that meeting can be found in the meeting description below. 


Starting October 3rd we will be having a 3 Principles meeting every Sunday at 1:00PM.  3 Principles meetings are based on the concept of the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought. The Three Principles model “approaches tackling human problems by focusing on teaching health rather than treating illness. The model is rooted in the belief that we all have inner mental good and teaches individuals how to access and sustain this health.” At a 3 Principles meeting attendees work together to overcome their struggles by strengthening their Mind, Consciousness and Thoughts. 

Every Sunday at 5:30PM  a lovely member of our community leads a women’s meditation group. During these sessions attendees practice guided meditation. Meditation has many positive health benefits and is often a part of peoples recovery and health pathways.


We don’t currently have anything scheduled on Mondays. Got an idea of a group you’d like to see at the center? Give us a shout! (603)554-8142.


Every Tuesday at 5:00PM 7 Stars Qigong leads an hour long Qigong class. Qigong is a branch of Chinese medicine similar to Tai Chia. Qi translates to energy as well as breath. While Gong translates to work or skill. So Qigong is quite literally breath work. However, it is also a form of gentle exercise that increases strength, fluidity of movement, balance and mind-body awareness. To some it is akin to a form of moving meditation and has similar benefits to health, wellness and recovery.


Starting on October 6th an All Recovery meeting will be occurring every Wednesday at Noon here at the center. All Recovery Meetings are based on the philosophy that all people from every recovery pathway have much in common and can benefit from sharing together. These meetings offer a place where people can share their recovery experiences with an emphasis on the hope and healing of recovery and how recovery has changed their lives. 

Every Wednesday there is an AA meeting here at the center at 7:00PM. AA is a 12 step faith based recovery program that is widespread in NH and the United States. To learn more about AA visit the website >>>


At 6:00 PM every Thursday there is a Celebrate Recovery meeting at the center. Celebrate Recovery is a “Christ-Centered 12 Step Program” of recovery. “Celebrate Recovery desires to be a network of like-minded, Bible-based, Christ-centered recovery ministries. This growing network crosses denominational and cultural boundaries to help hurting people in our churches and communities.”

Every Thursday at 6:00 PM the Boys and Girls Club of Souhegan Valley, a partner of ARCNH, hosts an Alateen meeting. Alateen is a group for kids and teens who are affected by Substance Use Disorder to “share experiences, strength, and hope with each other to find effective ways to cope with problems.” The Boys and Girls Club of Souhegan Valley is located at 56 Mont Vernon Street, Milford NH. Enter through the gym entrance. The teen center is the first door on the right. 


Every second and fourth Friday of each month ARCNH hosts a Game Night at the center at 6:00PM. Doors are open until 9:00PM. We have a variety of board games, ping pong, foosball, and occasionally a VR headset makes an appearance, we also invite you to bring any games you are interested in playing! Everyone is welcome at game night from the littlest kiddos to the wisest adults. We also have coloring books and of course plenty camaraderie at game night. So if you need something fun to do on a Friday night consider hanging out with us!

On the First and Third Friday of each month at 7:00PM ‘Express It!’ Arts joins us at the center to lead a paint night. Each Friday the instructor comes prepared with a different guided painting. What we love about Express It! Arts is that while she comes prepared with a plan she also welcomes everyone to put their own creative spin on the piece and as time progresses she teaches real art principles and practices so when you leave a paint night you’ll have a gorgeous painting to take home and a little more knowledge to enable you to practice painting on your own! 


Each Saturday at 6:30PM the center is home to an AA Beginners Meeting. AA is a 12 step faith based recovery program that is widespread in NH and the United States. To learn more about AA visit the website >>>

Like we said before; we have so much going on! We hope you can join us for an event. If you have any questions feel free to reach out via the Contact Us button below or to give us a ring at (603)554-8142. If you didn’t see an activity that appeals to you but you have an idea, let us know! We want to serve you, our community, so we welcome new ideas. 

If you or someone you know is in need of Recovery services or support contact us now.

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