Sound Healing with Hannah!

TWO new and amazing healing events you don’t want to miss! 

  • Transformative Sound For Veterans – July 5th from 11AM to 12:30PM
  • Transformative Sound For Those In Recovery – July 14 from 1PM – 2:30PM

These events are FREE however, space is limited:

Please RSVP For Transformative Sound For Veterans – HERE

Please RSVP for Transformative Sound For Those In Recovery – HERE

What to Expect:

Hannah Banana will provide a brief intro to the sacred art of Sound Healing, introduce her instruments and begin with a guided meditation to allow your body to relax and find a comfortable position. She will then take you through a journey of sound using her himalayan & crystal singing bowls combined with rattles, an ocean drum, and chime as well as vocalization in the form of mantras or chants. At the end of the journey with the instruments, Hannah will guide you back into your body and present moment with the sounds of nature followed by a tea circle to share or reflect on any experiences that may happen during the sound bath.

Who is Hannah Banana?

Hannah Banana is a full spectrum artist with a focus on creating art and experiences that are meant to raise your vibration. Her primary focus being visual arts for most of her career, Hannah Banana is now delighted to offer a full spectrum range of offerings including visual arts & live painting, dance & movement, workshops & art groups as well as a musical

In 2023, she officially launched her community medicine music project called Together We Heal and has completed two accredited courses in Sound Therapy & Sound Healing. She is guided by intuition and spirit and is grateful to provide energy to raise your vibration to a higher frequency.

Don’t forget to RSVP!


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